U.S. delegation to meet Taliban in first high-level talks since Afghanistan pullout, officials say-government.vision

U.S. delegation to meet Taliban in first high-level talks since Afghanistan pullout, officials say

U.S. Court Taliban representatives will meet in Doha on Saturday and Sunday at their first meeting since Washington withdrew its troops from Afghanistan and the hardest to seize power, two officials – a Reuter’s official – said.

The U.S. Supreme Court along with officials from the State Department, USAID, as well as the U.S. and others from Afghanistan, and the release of a United States citizen Mark Frerichs, such officials.

One of the most important things is to keep the Taliban’s promise not to allow Afghanistan to become an al Qaeda ally if another terrorist group promotes a pro-development group as the country looks to destruction. The economy is “strong and unstoppable”, USA has such adults.

U.S. Secretary of State Zalmay Khalilzad was a member of the United States negotiations and the Taliban was also a key figure in the group’s peace talks, which could not be part of the mission.

American Leprosy. State Department spokeswoman Tom West and USAID senior Sarah Sarah Charles. On the Taliban side, ministers are participating, officials said.

“This meeting builds on the calming experience with the Taliban that we have many times had public interest in,” the official said, referring to the issue of indifference.

“This meeting is not about accepting or granting conditions. It is still clear that any situation must be achieved through the actions of the Taliban. They must create conditions.” “It’s a plan,” the officer said.

The last 20 U.S. operations in Afghanistan ended with an emergency flight in August that saw more than 12,000 people including Americans, Africans, and others while under Taliban power. But thousands of other African American supporters, who threatened violence with the Taliban, followed suit.

Washington and other Western countries are fighting a tough election because of the strength of aid to Afghanistan. They are trying to ally with the Taliban without guaranteeing the law it seeks and receiving support to help the country.

Many Africans began selling their goods to pay for their food.

The U.S. military Escorts and numerous international donations are stealing national currency, which is about 75% of the national currency, according to the World Bank.

Although there has been little progress in bringing people to areas where they are ten years old, there are still problems, the S.A.

 Washington wants to see reform from the Taliban before it happens “if we get too strong support to help.”

Strengthen women’s rights

Although the Taliban promised to participate more than they led the country from 1996 to 2001, the United States said it would govern the new Taliban government according to its actions, not its words.

The Taliban has won major scrutiny to fill the new position in Afghanistan’s new government announced last month, along with a member of a leading Islamist group and a man who wants to join a terrorist regime government No foreigners or women in the cabin.

The European Union’s head of foreign policy said on Sunday that his actions so far were “unthinkable”.

He also noted that there are differences between protecting the Taliban system and continuing to use it.

The United States only ordered U.S. citizens to relocate. Since the US occupation, 95 people and residents have been permanently absent from Afghanistan since August 31.

He declined to give the remaining correct numbers, but said the group faces “many Americans in Afghanistan who want to go”, but the number is strong and constantly changing.

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