Blacklisted Chinese tech giant Huawei paid Tony Podesta $500,000 to lobby the White

Blacklisted Chinese tech giant Huawei paid Tony Podesta $500,000 to lobby the White House

Huawei, a Chinese-American giant paid $ 500 to a democrat and supporter Tony Podesta to support the White House in the third quarter.

The announcement came when Biden officials forced Huawei to keep it on the list, restricting the company’s access to semiconductors. The suspicions took place between July and September.

The details of Huawei’s Chinese Podesta performance are unclear. Podesta and Huawei did not return requests for comment until further notice.

The White House, in response to the Chinese, criticized Huawei and said the company was still in control of the business.

“President Biden and the administration believe that reliable computer software developed by unscrupulous customers, such as Huawei, can put security in the security of the US, our friends, and colleagues. The anti-Huawei system is still in office,” the White House official said when asked about Podesta’s approval.

“We are committed to using our resources to the fullest so that we and our colleagues can stay safe,” the group said. “We are working with all of our colleagues and colleagues in the risks taken by Huawei and many countries and mobile operators have decided to remove Huawei Chinese from their 5G network. And we think this will continue.”

Huawei’s offer for Podesta had already been announced, but the announcement provided new insights into long-running running talks, including his big salary.

Podesta, known to have ties to the White House, signed an agreement to force Huawei in July, as announced. His physical return was celebrated when he left the industry in 2017 after his company was heavily criticized for a significant investigation by Robert Mueller.

Podesta, according to the third quarter announced, was expected to be the only White House Office of Huawei last quarter. The statement said it was intended only “for matters relating to telephone service and including business matters.” The Chinese White House Office is headed by a labor leader, who, in this issue, Ron Klain, another Democrat soldier.

A well-known statement about Podesta’s attempt to test Huawei states that Klain did not comment. This person has refused to be named in connection with a confidential matter.

For years, Huawei tried to impress U.S. officials. when it faces allegations that it undermines U.S. national security. The Chinese government is known to have a lot of control over state-owned companies, though Huawei has denied it will provide data to Beijing.

President Donald Trump chose Huawei’s Chinese name in 2019. His leadership went beyond certain limits.

In 2019, Huawei spent $ 2 million to issue licenses, according to the Political Response Center. During that time, they formed the White House and the Commerce Department, as well as other organizations.

The company spent $ 470,000 last year on training and so far this year has more than $ 1 million paid for sports.

Republican officials, on the other hand, have urged Biden’s administration to keep Huawei’s record in check.

Alan Estevez, nominated by Biden as political secretary for trade and security, and former Pentagon chief, said in a review of the finance committee. The Senate last month saw Huawei as a threat to national security. He said that if approved, he would continue to put the company on the wrong track if it “changed things.”

Podesta’s revelation also came after the New York State Attorney General announced in late September that Huawei’s chief financial officer, Wan Wanzhou, would be released from prison in Canada and allowed to return to Chinese after an agreement with police. One is the Huawei daughter she launched.

“This is a legal case that has been in the hands of the Legal Department – not an intellectual case,” said a White House official. “As stated by the Legal Department, they” decided to give an agreement to stop the process with Ms. Meng is independent, subject to the rule of law, and the judgment of danger. “

The office forwarded the matter to White House journalist Jen Psaki recently on the matter and forwarded all further inquiries to the Legal Department.

Podesta itself has been a magnet for controversy. NBC News reported that the 2019 national prosecutors suspended the investigation of Tony Podesta and former lawyer Vin Weber, R-Minn., In a case involving Ukraine and Paul Manafort innocently.

Before voting, Podesta was an important figure in the Democratic Party. During the 2016 elections, he presented five checks to all parties for joint meetings with the Senate. She also took part in the campaign of dictator Hillary Clinton. His brother, John Podesta, is the chairman of the Clinton campaign.

Podesta was also paid $ 500,000 last quarter by Bulgarian power company Protos Energy SSC. The payment comes after “no action has been taken,” according to a press release.

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