DHS chief directs immigration authorities to halt workplace raids and shift their focus to ‘unscrupulous’ employers-government.vision

DHS chief directs immigration authorities to halt workplace raids and shift their focus to ‘unscrupulous’ employers

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas instructed U.S. immigration officials to stop the arrest of many undocumented people.

He also said the workforce should focus on treating responsible “unscrupulous” workers.

Recalling immigration officials, Mayorkas described new measures needed to harass illegal immigrant workers. He said such employers often pay lower wages, put immigrants into weak jobs, and facilitate human trafficking and child abuse.

He told immigration officials over the next 60 days to work out plans that would change priorities and bring “firm” results to harassment by employers.

Tuesday’s action is part of the Biden regime’s attempt to reduce the number of people who can be arrested and detained by U.S. immigration officials. For example, last month, the authorities announced that immigration officials couldn’t return undocumented migrants.

According to a report released by the U.S. Development Center in December 2020, more than seven million illegal immigrants work in the United States.

Unauthorized immigrants represent 13% of the total construction industry and about 8.4% of the total real estate and food industry workforce. They also represent 10% of the rubble and support industries and 25% of the agricultural, fishing, and forestry workforce.

Mayorkas’ statement points to former President Donald Trump’s approach to refugee attacks in the workplace. The Immigration and Property Administration arrests about 700 undocumented workers in the Mississippi food industry each year. It was the largest nationwide transportation service in the United States. history.

In addition to stopping attacks in the workplace, Mayorkas described work to protect unauthorized aliens who see or harass the workplace.

He told immigration officials not to condemn the country and consider giving them a temporary job. Mayorkas said such activities encourage immigrants who are not allowed to cooperate with the judiciary.

Mayorkas has also instructed immigration officials to ensure that E-Verify, a modern airline that allows employers to assess the future of future workers, is not used to replace low-income workers in an unsafe work environment.

Looking at employers, not illegal workers, Mayorkas says the U.S. can create a better labor market and improve the competitive business of employers who harass illegal immigrants.

“We can protect the U.S. labor market, the U.S. labor market, and human dignity by focusing on the work of unethical workers,” Mayorkas wrote. We will continue like this. “

Some overseas advocates welcomed the amendment to the law.

The National Center for Immigration Law stated in a statement that the Mayorkas proclamation, which marks significant changes in the future, will make workplaces in all countries safer for all workers, and eventually eliminates them. Severe attacks in the workplace.

Thus, Mayorkas’ announcement could trigger a government response to Republicans, who see Biden’s ban on refugee protection as a reference to a 20-year-old immigrant from the U.S.-Mexico border.

Breaking the cycle, the program continued to use Article 42, a public health policy under Trump, to prevent people from traveling without giving them a chance to apply. Eat for safety. Missing children were left behind.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention thought in August that Article 42 would remain in place until it was confirmed that no other Covid-19 hazard had been brought across the US border.

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