The U.S. defends expulsion of undocumented migrants under health policy, even as it eases border restrictions for travelers with

The U.S. defends expulsion of undocumented migrants under health policy, even as it eases border restrictions for travelers with visas

On Wednesday, U.S. Biden’s leadership blocked the implementation of Trump’s health plan by removing illegal immigrants from the border, even though they lifted sanctions on full-fledged foreign operations.

The law, called section 42, “still exists,” White House Secretary Jen Psaki said when asked if people got a full vaccination in search of protection, saying they could go to the U.S.

He told reporters on Wednesday that the travel ban only allows foreigners to be vaccinated with “appropriate documents” to the U.S.

The administration of President Donald Trump published Article 42 in March 2020 amid the Covid virus. According to US data, more than one million migrants have been returned under Article 42 since its introduction in March 2020. Adapted and border security.

Authorities said Tuesday that the U.S. is preparing to open its borders with Canada and Mexico to full-fledged white miners in early November and finalize a law to prevent harassment. The transition from the onset of the disease.

For example, Article 42 states that anyone found to cross the border illegally, either without a visa or without a legal inspection, can grow rapidly without the opportunity to do so in the United States.

Name 42, USA The law requires immigrants to cross the border, with or without documents, to apply for accommodation.

In August, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the legislation will remain in place to reduce the risk of non-Americans entering the country when the Covid-19 border is crossed. They set the children free from the Health Act.

“Article 42 is based on the protection of players, DHS staff, and local organizations,” the CEO explained Tuesday. “Currently, there is a strong health plan for improvement and with the 42nd head.”

The official also said the health law was not appropriate because the boundaries of the border guard were difficult to see and passengers were often restricted.

Confusion over policy

U.S. Officials and other Democrats accused the nature of the vaccine of inconsistency in Biden’s border system.

John Bruning, a refugee lawyer, and human rights immigration program, criticized Alejandro Mayorkas, the White House and Secretary of Homeland Security.

“What can we do for Mayorkas twice under the Mark 42 uprising? Refugees are decentralizing whether they have received treatment or not,” Bruning told Twitter after Wednesday.

Julian Castro, the Obama administration’s secretary of housing and urban development, said in a letter on Twitter that the “new issue” is opening up the boundaries, but has ordered Article 42 to be completed.

“These entry points need to be open so that people can join them,” Castro said in a statement Wednesday. “Chapter 42 is a fall in this country and needs to be completed.”

The decision to keep Article 42 of the Biden regime has caused controversy for many immigrants who have been trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border for two decades.

Mayorkas also defended the use of Article 42 control on Tuesday, telling Yahoo News that Article 42 “Public health governs areas of epidemic protection” but not “immigration law.”

“We don’t accept immigration policies,” Mayorkas said in an interview with Yahoo. “However, we consider it a major public health problem according to the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control.”

“We’re in the middle of an infectious disease,” he said. “Anyone who thinks of it as a business in the past, I think it’s right that disease prevention has killed more than seven hundred thousand Americans.”

The Center for U.S. Education and Legal Services for Refugees and Immigration, or RAICES, said Tuesday on Twitter that the Biden administration has put undocumented migrant workers and “restored families and children named” on health care. ‘”

RAICES is one of the groups that went against the health law in this case last month. US Research Council recently elected. in other words, the Biden administration may continue to work on Article 42 pending trial.

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