Manchin stalls progress on Biden’s social safety net and climate plan as House works to finalize the

Manchin stalls progress on Biden’s social safety net and climate plan as House works to finalize the bill

WASHINGTON – Sen. Joe Manchin on Monday wanted more time to examine President Joe Biden’s spending of $ 750 million, refusing to confirm Biden’s claim to Democrats House approval.

Manchin’s decision is a recent issue for Democrats, who were expected to pass a bill this week and prepare for elections in the House.

Speaking to reporters at the Capitol, Manchin accused the House of Commons of playing “political games” and refusing to pass a bill passed by the Senate until the Senate Democrats took over society.

“Stopping this [major] bill would be pointless to get my support in the process,” said West Virginia spokesman Manchin.

Manchin, and brother of centrist Sen. Kyrsten Cinema, D-Ariz., Has already won several contracts in an interview on Biden’s website and pricing program. The budget was initially set at $ 3,500, will fund schools for 3- and 4-year-olds, raise Medicaid and Medicare, and cost $ 550 through energy use and climate change programs.

The bill called for the election of all 50 Democrats in the Senate, with the resignation of Deputy President Kamala Harris.

Before agreeing to support the utility bill, Manchin said he should look into a thorough analysis of the economic impact.

“I do not support an important bill if I do not fully understand how it will affect our national debt, our economy, and the American people,” he said. “That is why we must allow time for full clarification and consideration of changes in our tax and operational and economic policies.”

The Manchin speech came when Biden was in Glasgow, Scotland, for the COPP26 climate summit. The president hopes to reach an agreement between the House and the Senate before heading to Europe last week.

Thus, the opposition rejected the bill and simply promised Biden that democratic senators would vote for their interests with money.

Manchin also expressed concern about the Democrats’ decision to reduce the price of its first $ 3.5 trillion to a $ 2 trillion plan, which is one of his demands. Using statistics, all Democrats should shorten their many public interest plans.

They hope that if the people are accustomed to being paid by the government as child support money they will be able to pay. Opposing the end of such support would force Congress to extend the plan altogether.

“While many of the key elements [of the regulatory framework] have been unveiled, what I have seen are the games – the financial statements get real value for what they mean. This bill is expected to make $ 1.75 trillion in double … if you can grow indefinitely,” said Manchin.

Shortly after Manchin’s speech, the White House abandoned its complaints about the bill and tried to cause a positive change in the negative consequences of the negotiations.

 “The project completed by the House conforms to those tests …. so we remain confident that this project will be supported by Senator Manchin.”

Representative Nancy Pelosi also responded to Manchin but did not give her name.

“Building a Good Building will boost the economy without increasing inflation because it pays off in full,” Pelosi said in a recent statement Manchin said.

Pelosi argued that the bill would reduce the cost of high prices like child health, making it “anti-inflation in that sense.”

Pelosi’s statement was closed by Democrats “waiting for more” for publicity and implementation. But there is no set time for the election. This is an interesting matter, and it shows that the Speaker does not intend to vote in the House on either of the two bills in the coming days.

But this cry of social leaders was not reflected in the remarks of the leader of the House Progressive Caucus, Rep. Pramila Jayapal, Erco.

As soon as Manchin dumped cold water to pass a public utility bill soon, Jayapal said he and his party were ready to vote to approve the morning or the next day. we are very careful. especially in the trafficking and trafficking of drugs.

After weeks of refusing to meet after the bill, Jayapal appeared Monday believing that progressive people had received approval from Senate Democrats to do as they did and were determined to pass two bills quickly and with a change of mind, and their weight went away the house and back to the Senate.

Asked if he has a relationship with Manchin, Jayapal told CNN that he will allow Biden to question the senators.

“The president thinks they can get 51 votes on the bill. We will trust them, we will do our job in court, and the Senate will do its job,” he said.

But we get tired of waiting for one or two people. We hope that the President will receive 51 votes in this regard, and we will approve both bills in the House after the final negotiations.

Mr. Biden returned from Europe on Tuesday night, and the White House has expressed hope that all Democrats in the Senate will support his cause.

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