CISA Cyber City Wall Mural

CISA Cyber City Wall Mural Overview

The Graphics and Applications section of CISA’s Cyber Security Department led to the creation of a custom template for the revamped enhanced part of the Internet Cyber Security Platform.

In developing this plan, the team researched, wrote, thought, evaluated, wrote, and thought about others; completely clean multiple computers to see if we want to speed up the end product and the methods we use to achieve this goal. At the end of the isometric “cybercity”, CISA was painted blue and 36 meters wide and 8 meters wide.

When you step in through the door, the color starts from the control point for a moment, after which you get a small amount of computer equipment that will change the buildings and roads in the metropolitan area of the country. Poster about other DC and Virginia statues – the Tomb of the Anonymous Army and the Martin Luther King Memorial to the National Stadium. This combined data reflects the network and network connection of our community. Safe and flexible when CISA is required to take care of this area of math and physics.

The compositions increase CISA’s knowledge and understanding of the intelligence of computer networks and are a source of new talent, and are selected with creative enthusiasm through a creative and diverse environment. It is a testament to the commitment, talent, and collaboration of our team and the entire department.

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