George Soros says Black Rock’s China investments ‘tragic mistake’

George Soros says Black Rock’s China investments ‘tragic mistake’

George Soros criticized China Black Rock Inc. for the sun threatens consumer spending and the protection of U.S. rights.

“Exceeding millions of dollars for China is a big mistake today,” George Soros wrote in an article in the Wall Street Journal. “Black Rock could lose money to consumers and, most importantly, jeopardize the security of both the U.S. economy and other democracies.”

Black Rock leads the world in China with many leadership initiatives. The world’s largest financial institution began offering Chinese products to consumers last month, two months after winning the title of the world’s first joint venture.

George Soros wrote in recent weeks that a warning about China’s economic strength in Xi Jinping amid a major market attack. Newspaper Xi condemned George Soros last month as “the most dangerous enemy in the world” and later denied in the budget that Congress should introduce legislation on the finances of “corporate” executives. And the Commissioners. “

In a recent episode, Soros noted that BlackRock seems to have misunderstood X, whose management described it as “all Chinese companies” as a “one-party tool.”

The ideas come from two of the world’s top executives who dominate the evolving environment in front of Asia’s largest financial institutions. While Xi has allowed foreign traders to enter the domestic market, his government is pressuring and opposing the United States in everything about television security and human rights to Xinjiang.

Soros says the sanctions began in the former city of Ant Group Co.’s sudden withdrawal last year when time “ended.” He described Didi Global Inc. as a rider days after the founding of New York and the closure of U.S.-backed Chinese school businesses. Soros also said that Black Rock executives need to find out “China’s major housing market crisis.”

While Soros remains a strong supporter of U.S. President Joe Biden, he no longer manages money abroad and currently has a small voice on Wall Street. Black Rock, Goldman Sachs Group Inc., and many of their financial management and banking partners have chosen opportunities in China over risks.

“Today, the United States and China have waged a life-and-death war between two regimes: dictatorship and democracy,” Soros said.

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