Approximate Controllability of a Class of Semilinear Hilfer Fractional Differential

Approximate Controllability of a Class of Semilinear Hilfer Fractional Differential Equations


This article examines the Controllability limit of the sample group and the sample group is checked against Hilfer \ (\ delta \ in (0.1) \) and self-labeled \ sequence instructions. (\ Zeta \ in [0, 1] \) in the Banaacho area. Having and choosing a silly response depends on the psychological support of the group, the division of troops, and the general type of thinking. Then again, a set of individual simulations was designed to test the control of the assumed system. The result found is that the middle group result is short or not.


The relative difference in which parts emerge as an important area of research and are considered important in many fields of science and non-engineering environments makes these areas important. The internal and legal situation follows: to create the nature of an event, one must know its Controllabilitycharacter closely with a sense of ease, but the first difference does not only reflect the situation. But even for all residents let it speak. As a result, teaching and actions cannot be interpreted as ideas, and this issue is made more useful than essential elements of culture. The contrast of steps provides a powerful tool to simulate large patterns that can accurately define their structure. Its use can be found in face and movement, Controllability of air pollution, ultrasonic diffusion, cellular methods, improvement solutions, and profitable results in the emergence of stocks in financial markets, and much more. For more information on this topic, we refer the reader to [3, 14, and 21] and discuss it.

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